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we specialise in every stage of your network installation and maintenance for your small business or home business. Whatever internet problems you are experiencing we have a solution for you.

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+ Metres of Cat6/6a Ethernet cable laid: Fast Ethernet Cabling used to extend your current network, take the strain of your Wifi and provide full Wifi coverage around your business or home.

+ Access Points, Wireless Mesh & Wifi Point-to-Point: Upgrading, extending and adding additional hardware to give your the best network & Wifi coverage.

+ 4G Wifi Installations: Static Caravans, Touring Caravans, Holiday Accommodation & Rural Buildings giving you fast reliable Wifi where others can't reach.

+ Customers currently supported by JayNET We provide continuous technical support for all our customers including direct support to our customers guests such as holiday accommodation.

Business Broadband & Wifi Solutions:

Today's businesses are now often entirely reliant on a reliable broadband and fast Wi-Fi connection. whether its video calls, VOIP calls, web based software or guests Wifi, maintaining a reliable connection is essential as more businesses move to a cloud-based infrastructure, relying on the internet for day-to-day tasks and communication.

When to upgrade your business Internet Infrastructure:

If you are having problems with your current network infrastructure, now is the time to look at an upgrade. We can discuss your frustrating points and requirements to come up with an improved and versatile solution for your business.

  • Access points installation and upgrading
  • Network Cable upgrading Cat5/5E to Gigabit Cat6/6A or Fibre
  • Expand your your current network to other rooms or office space
  • Clean/update or upgrade your current office network hardware and structure
  • survey, setup your new business premises to your business requirements.
  • Guest,Customer Wifi access for your business premises.
  • Network fault finding,service and repair
  • Whatever your business requirements speak to us,it costs nothing for us to chat, all work is insured and guaranteed.

Home Networks

Our Home WiFi & Broadband installation service ensures that your household is getting the speed and coverage that it needs. Your home now contains more WiFi enabled devices than ever before. As a result, it has never been more important to have your home Broadband/wifi professionally installed,setup & balanced to give you the speed and reliability for all your connected hardware devices. .

Boost, improve your homes Broadband & Wifi speed and reliability

Without properly installed home Broadband & WiFi you run the risk of an unreliable connection, slow download speeds and dead spots in your home network. First, we will chat about your current home Broadband/Wifi issues, then we will perform a detailed site survey of your home. Then we will design and install the perfect network for your needs and budget. Services that we offer include:

  • Broadband/Wifi router relocation and setup
  • Wifi access point installation & setup
  • Eliminate wifi deadspots without power adapters
  • Reducing Wifi bandwidth and speed issues using network cabling
  • Expand your Broadband/Wifi to other parts of your home or out buildings.
  • Improve Streaming & Gaming with alternative solutions

  • If you have a home cinema or your household uses multiple devices for streaming, gaming or downloading, you could be stretching your network beyond its capacity. With a network of access points discreetly installed around your home, you can be confident that your signal is being delivered to where you need it, when you need it.

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Our Core Services

Contact us to arrange a chat and discuss your requirements, we have your solution to your budget...

Ethernet Cabling

Ethernet Cabling solutions for your Business or Home, including Ethernet cabling upgrades from Cat5e to Cat6/6a, Ethernet cable fault tracing and repairs. Installation from a singla cable installation for your home streaming or gaming to small businesses customer/guest Wifi, POS systems, CCTV to multiple cable installations.

Wifi Solutions

JayNET is experienced at various installations of your wired backbone as well as planning your complete wireless rollout.

- Wireless installation/setup
- Upgrade, Optimise or Configure
- Coverage, Range or Additional
- Terrace, Garden or Patio
- Garage, Shed or Outbuilding
- Customers or Guests

Network Installation/Setup

Residential or small business

- Cat6/6A Cable or Fibre
- Patch Panels, Switches, Routers
- Cable upgrade, Service, Repair
- Network, RJ45, Fibre, Termination

We are able to install a fresh network installation or upgrade an existing one to your business requirements.

4G Wifi Solutions

Providing fast and reliable Internet/Wifi solutions where others cant reach including Rural buildings, Static Caravans, Touring Caravans, Outbuildings and more.

4G Wifi Click Here..

Improve your Streaming or Gaming experience

Whether it's the kids room the cinema room or any room we have a solution to improve your online streaming or gaming experiance with faster and more reliable speeds.

Customer WiFi For Salon, Cafe, Shop, Bar or any business outlet.

whilst your customers maybe sipping, slurping or having a blow dry they are social networking, streaming or even gaming, keep'em happy

Hotel, Guest House, Airbnb or Bed n Breakfast

Your guests want to get away but not disconnected, we can provide a fast reliable solution for your business and guests. Includes reliable streaming via your rooms Tv's to Wifi access..

4G Wifi Solutions

We can get you Fast reliable Wifi where others can't reach. From Rural Homes to town houses, Static caravans to touring Caravans we have a solution to gey you fast relaible Wifi.

Your FAQ's

I have a small business do I require professional help/support?

Even small businesses I.e, Cafe's, Salons, Shops, Resturants, B&B's etc, usually require more from their Broadband/Wifi networks especially if using such services as Video Chat, VOIP Calls, Guest/Customer Wifi or online services/cloud services for your business. Jaynet is able to get the most from your Broadband provider to ensure your bussiness network structure runs fast,secure and reliable.

How do I improve my business Wifi

To improve the speeds of your WiFi you need to have the correct network solution in place. If you are experiencing dead zones, limited connectivity or any other internet issues, you will need to look at your access point locations, the number of access points around your business or office space and the age and capability of your current network and hardware.

How can I boost my Wifi Signal Strenght?

We can extend the strength of your internet signal by adding strategic access points to your network around your home or business. additionally we can reduce the amount of bandwidth and stress to your wifi network by introducing disceet cabling to areas and hardware to help improve your speed, security and network relaibility.

The Internet in my kids room is shocking how can this be improved?

We can extend your current Wifi across your house to reach from the ground to the loft using both Ethernet and Wifi access points. We can go as far as extending your Wifi to your kids rooms and having parental controls and access separate from your own Wifi..

I've, been told that using an Ethernet cable can improve the reliability of my streaming on my TV?

While both WiFi and Ethernet are valuable for home networks, they each have their pros and cons. WiFi is very flexible and easy to set up for many homes, Ethernet typically offers better stability, security, and speed. Your choice should be based on your needs for example, if you stream that 4K content from Netflix on two TVs while one of your kids live streams on Twitch and another plays online games all at the same time, you may want to hardwire as much as you can over Ethernet as your Wifi bandwidth will be pulled to its limits causing drop outs, buffering etc.

Using Ethernet is not going backwards in fact all data centres and business use Ethernet for its reliability and speed, Cabling in a home or small business can be done discreetly around your decor and use smart compact termination boxes etc..


Contact us for a chat and a FREE onsite survey (prices include VAT)

Single Ethernet Cable

£65.00 /

  • Category6 Ethernet upto 20M (65ft)
  • Internal or External routing
  • Terminated both ends
  • Home, Office, Kids Room, Sky TV, Gaming
  • High Speed upto 10Gbps

Caravan 4G Wifi

£325 / estimate

  • FREE On Site Survey, Speed, Network tests
  • High Gain External 4G/LTE Wifi Antenna
  • Dualband Wifi Router with Ethernet ports
  • Guest Network Setup (if required)
  • Full installation/ Setup (includes cables, brackets etc,)
  • 1 Years free technical support - 2 Years Warranty


Our customers say..



Jay fitted an Arial and set up my wifi on a router that I owned. He did an excellent job, very good price and he advised me beforehand what kind of speeds and signal I would have etc I am so happy hes honest....

Lisa Davies

28/09/2020 - Sunflower Lodge Primrose Valley

Simply Brilliant!! Fast friendly and efficient We now have superfast 4G WiFi The guests and owners are very happy and it took no time at all to install I would highly recommend Wifiguy Thanks Jay

Lee Michael Clark


We are very pleased with the fabulous service Jason delivers. He installed our router very quickly and professionally. He is honest and trustworthy. The internet in our holiday home now works wonderfully.

Nicola White


All work done quickly, cleanly and very professionally, internet signal is amazing, jay was great sorting everything out making for a nice easy job, I would definitely recommend.nicola(very happy customer)

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Jays Network Solutions

I have been in the Networking, Internet/Wifi industry for over 25 years and have built an enviable reputation based upon professionalism, integrity and trust.

I started my career many years ago in the early 90's firstly working for small businesses building and supporting small networks then I moved on to a large reputable company where they launched the UKs fastest growing and largest Internet Service provider, There I supported businesses Wifi and LAN Networks for more then 10 years,  again from here moved on to other companies to the point I wanted my own business where I'm able to offer my services and experience to small businesses and home users.

JayNet, Cayley Court, Hopper Hill Rd, Scarborough, YO11 3YJ


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